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Welcome to Macon Masonry, the home of all your masonry needs, repair, restoration and a company that will delight you with personable and reliable service to leave you entirely satisfied. Call us to talk about what you need to get done so we can start to establish a trustworthy communication with you. We strive to be the Best Masonry Contractor in Macon and the surroundings!

Create a Timeless Legacy: Call The Best Brickwork Contractor in Macon, GA and Bibb County

Welcome to Macon Masonry, Macon’s Local 1# Masonry Contractor and receive great masonry services to build a new house, Chimneys, Fire Pits, Facades, Patios, pool decks or repair all the above.

Our company, with its decade of experience, created and is continuously building a reputable name in this industry through the intricate craftmanship and services that we provide all over the city and nearby. We accommodate your masonry needs from creating customized designs to fit your preferences to creating stone and brickwork, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens (where the cooking magic happens), and many more! Aside from new construction, we offer maintenance and repairs to provide you our best of the best services. We offer all Masonry Contractor services.

With the help of experienced and trustworthy individuals from our team, we can provide you with the best of our ability the designs you wish for that we bring to life through quality construction. We are composed of a team with diverse skills and experience who are masters in each of their craft. Macon Masonry incorporate professionalism and integrity in all our works. We provide the necessary communication and quality workmanship to all our customers, whether Residential or Commercial

Your needs when it comes to masonry work are here! It’s a one-stop shop that will accommodate everything you need. Contact us and we’ll provide you the answer to your queries, ideas, Masonry Repairs and inspiration you’ll be needing about your future fireplace, Outdoor Kitchen, Backyard Design, Driveways, monument signs, historic restorations, chimneys, stone walls, and many more!

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    Outdoor Kitchen

    We build the perfect kitchen for your perfect cook outs with friends and family!


    Winter is short in Georgia but we all love the heat the smell of wood burning in our house!


    A beautiful warm Fireplace set the tone for an amazing vibe in your living quarter!

    Retaining Wall

    Protecting you backyard requires heavy fortification done by professionals!

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    Decades of experience laying bricks, personable service, detailed approach are all parts of our reputable masonry company in Macon, Georgia.

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    Being a mason is our passion since our Birth and We only build the most solid structure!

    Flexible Schedule

    Sometimes you need a project done quickly and efficiently!

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    We pay attention to all details

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    We give fair price without lowering quality and it will last

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    Macon Masonry are passionate about laying all kinds of bricks

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    We customize any masonry projects to your desires

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    Stone And Brick Work Masonry

    Stone and Brick Work is a classic form of masonry construction that has been used for centuries. It offers durability and long-lasting structures, as well as aesthetically pleasing designs.

    Brick Veneer walls are one example of stone and brick work, where masonry material is applied to the exterior of a structure to provide an attractive appearance while also providing protection from the elements. We can arrange an amazing Facade for you home!

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    Brick Work Near Me, Masonry Services

    Chimney And Fireplaces

    Chimneys and Fireplaces are an important part of outdoor living spaces, providing warmth in colder climates as well as a place to gather with family and friends. Macon Masonry offers safe and long-lasting fireplaces and fire pits for these purposes that can be designed to match the existing style of the home or property.

    Additionally, we provide custom masonry services for chimney repair, restoration, and even brick repointing to ensure your fireplace remains sound for years to come.

    Brick Veneer Wall

    A brick veneer wall is a common feature in masonry construction projects, offering an attractive and durable solution for architectural or landscaping needs. It is typically composed of a thin layer of bricks mounted on a supporting frame made from wood or metal.

    Brick veneer walls are often used as exterior cladding to protect the underlying structure from water and weather damage. They can also be used to enhance the visual aesthetic of a property by incorporating unique designs and textures into the wall.

    Brick veneer walls require specialized skills and materials, making it important to hire experienced contractors who have the knowledge and tools necessary to provide quality results. At Macon Masonry we use high-grade mortar, waterproofing membrane, flashing, and other materials needed for installation.

    Properly installed brick veneer walls can add value to any property while providing long-lasting beauty and protection against harsh elements. Call The Best Masonry Contractor in Macon Today!!

    Patio Paver

    Patios, Porches and Pergolas

    Masonry Macon specializes in the construction of patios and porches that feature high-quality craftsmanship and elegant designs. Patio and porch projects are designed to enhance outdoor living spaces by creating a unique atmosphere, as well as offering an inviting area for entertaining guests.

    The patio area can be customized to fit any individual’s needs, whether it is for hosting parties or simply relaxing in the sun. We love to be a Masonry Patio Contractor and offers a variety of options, from basic patio designs with brick veneer walls to intricate stone work designs with curved pathways and built-in seating features.

    All materials used are of the highest quality and will withstand exposure to inclement weather conditions over time. Masonry Macon ensures all projects will provide lasting beauty and optimal function at an affordable price point.

    Build a Fortress for Your Property: Retaining Walls for Ultimate Protection

    Transitioning from patios and porches to retaining walls, it is important to consider the various services offered by a masonry contractor. Retaining walls are an excellent way of preventing soil erosion on sloped properties, adding structural strength along with enhancing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor living spaces. At Masonry Macon, we offer a range of professional services for creating retaining walls that are beautiful and long-lasting.

    Materials Services
    Brick Repair/Installation
    Stone Soil Erosion Prevention
    Concrete Block
    Interlocking Blocks

    As experienced contractor, we specialize in brick, stone, concrete block, and interlocking blocks for constructing retaining walls. We can provide repair or installation services as needed to ensure the highest quality results. We also understand how important it is to prevent soil erosion on your property, so we use specialized techniques to ensure your wall won’t be compromised over time.

    Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

    Best Masonry Contractor in Macon hands down! We needed to change our chimney and fireplace in our old house. It wasn't a simple project but Macon Masonry did it in a fantastic timely manner and our house is looking better than ever. Thanks to their Awesome Team!!
    John Allison
    House Owner
    We needed to isolate our house better and change a few walls. These pros are the best brick layers around. Their expertise is amazing. They guided us so well throughout the entire projects and we had a true pleasure having to deal with the management. It ended up being an exciting projects and our complex is looking great!
    Alicia Potter
    Complex Owner
    We had a beautiful backyard, it was kinda empty and we needed a nice outdoor fire pit with nice pavement around. The layout looks fantastic, Now we can look forwards to invite friends and spent more time watching the stars and have a fire at home.
    Edward B. Suarez
    Song Writer

    Call Your Best Masonry Contractor Macon, GA

    At Macon Masonry, we are dedicated to transforming your vision of the perfect home into a reality. Our skilled craftsmen take pride in delivering top-notch masonry services that stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking to enhance your property’s curb appeal or undertake a major renovation project, we have the expertise and commitment to exceed your expectations. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your home’s masonry needs. Contact us today for a consultation, and let’s build the foundation of your dreams together. Your home deserves the finest masonry, and we’re here to provide it. We are big enough to do Commercial Constructions but small enough to offer personable services!

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